Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

OK.  Just a quickie.  (That’s what she said, hee hee)

Yesterday was all about baking:  2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, bacon cheddar quiche, pecan pie and caramel apple crumb pie.  Whew!

After a brief rest, I baked these cupcakes for a baby shower.  I used the buttermilk chocolate cake recipe from Tartelette and vanilla buttercream frosting on the fly that was essentially a lot like this one.

The cookie topper was totally delish!  The recipe for the dough and icing came from Bake at 350. I meant to outline the pink footprints with brown frosting to match the chocolate cake, but my mind was apparently too tired to remember that until I was falling asleep that night.

Today my house is filled with leftover cookies, frosting and pie.  So I guess dessert is taken care of, now what to serve for dinner?