How do I order?.

Planning ahead for a Delicious Occassion? Order from the selection of items baking fresh for the date you have in mind. Please select your pick-up slot during checkout. 

Please make a separate order for each day you need need pie.

This week's menu

See what we have in store for the day. We are a scratch bakery and our talented bakers make our delicious baked goods fresh in the morning. Because we make & bake in the morning, by day’s end, we tend to sell out of a number of items. We update the menu during the day, when possible, but there is a lag.


Where is your retail location?

2166 North Glebe, Arlington, VA 22207. We are located near the corner of Glebe and Lee Highway, just behind the Exxon. Look for the big “PIE” sign. Please park in the alley between the Exxon and the shop. You can also park on 21st Road.


When are you open?

Our regular hours are:




SUNDAY – 9 AM to 2 PM


Do you deliver locally?

Currently all orders are for pick up only, delivery is not available.


Do you offer shipping?

No. We want you to have our pies when they are at their best. When we discover a way to economically ship the pies overnight for maximum freshness, we will start shipping. Until then, we encourage you to find a great local pie shop in your vicinity to satisfy your pie needs.


Can I pick up my pie?

Yes. Orders placed on our website 72 hours in advance can be picked up at our pie shop (2166 North Glebe, Arlington, VA 22207). Holidays are the exception and sometimes sell out prior to 72 hours in advance.


Do you have parking?

We have angle parking on the alley side of the shop and free parking is also available on 21st Road.

Please DO NOT PARK across Glebe in the big parking lot shared by Ocean Shack & Walgreens. The owner of that lot is notorious for predatory booting and towing practices and we hate to see that happen to our fabulous customers. 


What about third-party delivery like GrubHub, DoorDash and the like?

We do not participate with third party delivery services. Many people don’t know that these services charge 25%-30% or more of the cost of the food in fees to food businesses who participate on their platforms. These food ordering apps encourage restaurants to pass along these costs to their customers by charging higher prices…from which they would collect even more commission (see what they did there?). We would rather provide the highest quality product at a fair price.


Do you do weddings?

Yes. We love working with couples to select and delivery the best pies for their special day. For more information on pies available for weddings and other events, please visit our page re Weddings & Catering.


Are you a nut-free or nut-safe facility?

No. Although most of our products do not contain nuts, many do and there are nuts on the premises. We can tell you whether a product contains nuts in the recipe and we do our best to avoid cross-contact. However, we bake nut and non-nut pies in the same convection ovens and cannot guarantee that any particular item is 100% free from nut particulate. We do not recommend that you buy from us if you are dealing with a serious nut allergy.


Do you make vegan pies?

Yes. Our regular pies are not vegan. However, a selection of our fruit pies can be made vegan by special request (72 hours in advance). However, although some vegan eaters object to the use of white sugar, we do use white and brown sugar (white sugar with molasses added) in our vegan pies.


Do your pies contain shortening or lard?

Yes on shortening. No on lard. Although 99% of our baking is done with butter, we do use a small amount of 100% Vegetable Trans-fat Free Shortening in our pie crust. 


Do you make gluten-free pies?

Yes. We make some gluten-free pies by special request. Many of our fillings are naturally gluten-free. For our gluten-free pies, we substitute our regular crust with a delicious cookie crust made with gluten-free cookies. We make sure that all of our gluten-free products are certified according to industry standards and do our best to avoid cross-contact. However, we do bake our pies in a shared commercial kitchen where foods containing gluten are also produced.


Do you accommodate special requests?

If we can. Most pies are made to order, so if you have a special dietary request or simply are seeking a pie like your Mom used to make, drop us a line