Because I Couldn’t Wait:  Crunchy Munchy Truffles

Because I Couldn’t Wait: Crunchy Munchy Truffles

So may have done a bad thing.  It’s not really my fault.  I mean, I felt like it was out of my control.  Ever since I made Le Kit Cat bar, I’ve been thinking about how delicious the bottom layer was.  Crunchy and rich and decadent and chocolaty, it’s much like the inside of a delicious truffle.  I thought I might make these for my Holiday giving, but it turns out, I’m not that patient.

After all, I still had all those cornflakes and another pound of milk chocolate.  Sooo… I did it.

I made the base layer from Le Kit Cat.

Let the mixture firm up until it can be rolled into balls.  Then refrigerate the balls until they are firm enough to dip in melted milk chocolate.  Let the truffles come to room temperature so the chocolate firms up.

I realize now that I should have included a cross-section photo of the truffle showing the rich chocolate deliciousness inside, but that didn’t happen because they were eaten right after this photo.  To see what they look like inside, look at the bottom layer of Le Kit Cat.

My daughter named these “Crunchy Munchies” and I thought that was a fair description.  They are chocolaty and peanut buttery, rich and crunchy.  Truly delicious.

Store the truffles in the fridge, but let them come to room temperature before serving.  Decadence.