Leftover Egg Scramble…My Typical Lunch

Leftover Egg Scramble…My Typical Lunch

I have a confession to make.  I don’t set out tablecloths and fine china for every meal.  My kids often enjoy frozen chicken fingers and pasta sauce from the jar.  And, more often than not, my typical lunch isn’t a gourmet extravaganza.  My typical lunch looks much more like this.

So…what is it?

This mystery dish is leftover strips of ham from cutting the crusts of my daughter’s school lunch, sauteed with leftover chopped onion from making soup along with sugar snap peas and tomatoes that my daughters left on their dinner plates the night before.  I topped all that with an egg scrambled with a leftover egg white from making cookies and threw in some chopped Manchego.  A little salt…a little pepper…

And are those golden raisins?  Yes, yes they are.  The cheese and ham were quite salty, so I threw those in to balance the flavors.  TA DA!

Not at all glamourous, but true to life and oddly delicious.