More than Meets the Eye… TRANSFORMERS CAKE

More than Meets the Eye… TRANSFORMERS CAKE

Things are crazy here!

We just had an earthquake and a hurricane is on the way.

However, my dedication to Making Life Delicious is such that I decided to take a break between picking up overturned picture frames and hammering plywood on the windows to post this cake I made for my friend Patti in celebration of her son Mason’s 4th Birthday.

The cake was Magnolia Bakery’s Yellow Layer Cake and the frosting was American Vanilla Buttercream.  The topper was made with white chocolate sprinkled with coarse black sugar and silver decorating dust.

For the topper, I made a large piece of white chocolate by lining the cake pan with wax paper and filling it with poured melted white chocolate.  Doesn’t that sound good  After it hardened, I softened the top with a hot spatula and sprinkled it with black course sugar.

Making the face was more difficult than I originally anticipated.  I melted the chocolate and spread it in a sheet then I tried cutting the chocolate in the shapes I wanted.  Unfortunately, I found the pieces were very inclined to crack in inconvenient places.  I think I made the chocolate too thick and it was perhaps too hard when I cut it.  I fixed my mistakes with…what else…more chocolate and I smoothed the cracked edges with a hot knife which melted them quite smoothly.

After the pieces were cut, I glued them with even more white chocolate to the black sugar crusted square.  It was easy to pop on the cake when it was all frosted.  Then I hid the edges with some dollops of frosting and TA DA!

Not perfect, but not half bad either.