Company Gifts

Do you want to order 30 to 300 pies to give away as Company Gifts? We would love to help you with this project at any time of the year with one exception, Thanksgiving. 

As a small-batch, scratch bakery, we are limited in the number of pies that we can make on any given day. Every Thanksgiving & Christmas, we receive many requests for pies to give away to as client gifts. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate most of these requests because this is the busiest time of our year.



1. Host an event about a month before the Holiday (end of October for Thanksgiving or the week after Thanksgiving for Christmas).  You can provide slices of a variety of pies to try and give away Gift Certificates to Pie Life to those who attend. This allows your clients to select whatever they want whenever they want it and not be forced to choose from a limited selection. Gift Certificates can be used online or in store. AND If you spend more than $1,000 on Gift Certificates, we will provide them to you at a 10% discount. 

2. Consider hosting an event at another time of the year and gifting clients with a pie then. Wouldn't they love Chicken Pot Pie in January, Cherry Pie in June, Peach Pie in August, Plum Pie in September or Apple Pie in October? Consider all the possibilities!

PRE-ORDERS for Corporate Clients are CLOSED for Thanksgiving 2022, but if you would like to explore some of these other options, please reach out at

Thank you for supporting our small business with your business!