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Cake - Whole

We also make cakes! The cakes are 8", four-layer cake that will feed 12-14 people.

Please select your cake flavor and frosting flavor. If you would like sprinkles or writing on the cake, please put that information in the notes.

IMPORTANT: Your cake may look different from the cakes pictured. If you want a very specific look, please put all of your expectations in the notes & include your CEL phone number so we can contact you with any questions we may have.

With more notice, we can make other flavors of cake and provide different frostings. Reach out to us at for all special cake requests. Thank you!

We ask for a one week lead time on cakes. Also, cakes are usually not available in close proximity to a holiday.  

Please select the week for which you are pre-ordering only. Selecting inventory from another week may cause part or all of your order to be cancelled and refunded.

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Please schedule your pickup date/time at checkout.

You MUST place a separate order for each pickup date/time. Please don't select items for multiple days on the same order.