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Pie - Mincemeat - Vegetarian - [Frozen Unbaked] - 10"

25 separate ingredients go into our old-fashioned Mincemeat Pie including nine different fruits, two different liquors & six seasonal spices. This is a vegetarian-style Mincemeat Pie, so it does not contain any meat or suet. We sell it frozen "take&bake" so you can put it in your freezer to bake whenever you want fresh Mincemeat Pie.


1. If you are finding this and saying "YAY!!!!", to you I say yes! Yay! You have found the pie you seek. Our Mincemeat Pie is authentic and delicious to those who love the taste of Mincemeat Pie.

2. If you are finding this and saying "What's Mincemeat?", to you I say, this is NOT your pie. This is a pie for Mincemeat Pie Lovers only. If you don't already love the taste of authentic mincemeat, chances are you never will. Please try a different pie. :)

This is our one and only pie for which we will not give a refund.

Please select the week for which you are pre-ordering only. Selecting inventory from another week may cause part or all of your order to be cancelled and refunded.

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